Regional AM calls for Welsh Government to make Public Discretionary Housing Payment Discussions

Suzy_DaviesSuzy Davies AM has called on the Welsh Housing Minister to show the public what discussions he has had with local authorities in Wales regarding Discretionary Housing Payments.

Mrs Davies said: “It is not credible for the Labour-led Welsh Government to criticise the UK Government about the effects of the removal of the spare bedroom subsidy when Labour councils here in Wales have not asked the UK Government for Discretionary Housing Payments.

“Last July the UK Government made an extra £20 million available for councils to make Discretionary Housing Payments to social housing tenants, prioritising the needs of those with disabilities, yet neither Swansea nor Neath Port Talbot Councils have applied for these.”

The Welsh Conservative AM for South Wales West added “As these councils, and others in Wales, are answerable to the Welsh Government, we should expect to be assured that the Welsh Housing Minister took every route available to him to assist residents in Wales, including asking councils to use every effort to get this extra money.

“In his reply today, the Welsh Minister just tried to claim that there was no time for councils to apply for the money.  Well, three of our twenty-two councils managed to find the time, so what about the others?

“I have, therefore, asked the Minister to make available copies of all correspondence he has had with Welsh councils to see exactly how the Minister and councils have worked together to bring funds to Wales; funds which could helped people.”

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