Asghar encourages public to get involved in austerity drive

National Assembly Member Mohammad Asghar has encouraged his constituents across South Wales East to have their say on how the UK Government could save public funds.

As part of its Spending Challenge campaign, the Treasury have asked members of the public to submit proposals on moves the Westminster government can make as the challenge to tackle the country’s budget deficit continues.

Mr Asghar, who represents the South Wales East region, has encouraged the general public to get involved in the Government’s Comprehensive Spending Review.

He said: “The new coalition government have shown great transparency in dealing with the critical issue of pubic spending.

“It is essential we bring the crippling budget deficit down – and I welcome the fact that the general public has the opportunity to join the discussion and make suggestions on how public spending can be reduced.

“Listening to the views of the public will help ensure that the budget deficit is brought down in a way which is as fair and responsible as possible. I encourage everyone to get involved in the Treasury’s Spending Challenge campaign”.

People wishing to contribute suggestions can do so by visiting the Spending Challenge website on

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