‘Backpack Appeal’ to Make a Difference for a Child in Africa

Kev Johns congratulates Rotary President Hywel Bassett on the initiative

Kev Johns congratulates Rotary President Hywel Bassett on the initiative

With the new school year upon us, Llanelli Rotary Club are asking for your help to make a difference to a child in Africa.

The Backpack Project is being organised by the Mary’s Meals charity.

It appeals to schools, clubs, businesses, churches and individuals to fill backpacks with basic educational materials to send to children receiving Mary’s Meals.

Most of the children who benefit from Mary’s Meals and the Backpack Project have suffered war, poverty, famine, or natural disaster.

Very often families cannot afford to buy basic things like pencils and copy books, or even suitable clothes for their children to wear to school. And so their children miss out on school and an education.

A simple backpack with educational materials can be a lifeline to these children as studies show that an education is the best way a chronically poor child can escape poverty in later life.

The Llanelli Rotary Club Backpack Appeal is being organised by Llanelli Rotarians led by Alison Evans.

She said: “We are at that end-of-term time of year when children look to renew their backpacks as they move up a class or to a new school.

“We are just asking children and parents to think about making use of their old backpacks.

“There is a sophisticated transport system in place to ensure the backpacks get to needy children in Africa.”

If you can help, email [email protected] or call Llanelli Rotary Club on our dedicated hotline number – 07935 305968

For more information visit http://www.marysmeals.org.uk/what-you-can-do/backpack-project/


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