Candidates for Wrexham seat will come together at Glyndŵr University

HustingWrexCandidates for the Wrexham seat at this year’s General Election will come together at Glyndŵr University for the constituency’s only public debate.

Organised by Broadcast Journalism student Georgia-May Quinn, the hustings will take place at the University’s Centenary Club on Saturday (May 2) from 7.30pm.

All seven candidates will be in attendance, giving townsfolk the opportunity to raise local issues and hear their visions for the region ahead of the election on May 7.

Georgia, from Nantwich, is encouraging people to submit questions before and during the evening – by following @wrexhamdebate on Twitter and using the hashtag #wrexdebate – and has recruited ITV Wales reporter Rob Shelley to host proceedings.

The prospective Parliamentary candidates had this to say ahead of the event:

GREEN Rob Munnerley: “I’m standing to give people in Wrexham an alternative, so that they know there is more out there than just the Conservatives and Labour – there are other options. I’m sure it will be a positive and enjoyable debate and I would like to congratulate and thank Georgia for organising it.”

LABOUR Ian Lucas: “It’s important that we engage people in democracy and it’s good that Glyndŵr will be hosting these hustings.”

PLAID CYMRU Carrie Harper: “It’s great to have an event that’s open to all members of our community in Wrexham to come along and question their prospective MPs. It is important people have the chance to scrutinise our policies and to question us as candidates. I’m really looking forward to the opportunity to share Plaid’s vision for Wrexham and Wales with local people. A big thank you must also go to Georgia, who has organised this event after realising there wasn’t a meeting which was open to the general public. I’m sure it will be a big success.”

CONSERVATIVE Andrew Atkinson: “I’m really excited about this important event for the area. Georgia has taken the initiative to provide the only public opportunity to voice and debate issues facing Wrexham, and students. This is great for Wrexham and for democracy in general.”

LIBERAL DEMOCRATS Rob Walsh: “I am very grateful to Georgia and Glyndŵr University for hosting this unique event. It is important that the focus on Wrexham`s parliamentary election is firmly on the candidates, and not on the national party leaders. We really do have an opportunity to show local residents exactly what they are voting for. I’m really looking forward to this and I urge as many people as possible to come along.”

UKIP Niall Plevin-Kelly: “I am seriously impressed by the speed and efficiency which Georgia demonstrated in mustering all the parliamentary candidates together for this meeting.  I hope that it will present us all with a great opportunity to voice our differing policies and opinions to an audience often ignored by mainstream canvassing, and generate a lively debate on the night.”

INDEPENDENT Brian Edwards: “I would initially like to thank Georgia for organising what promises to be an interesting, and hopefully, informative evening. I am looking forward too much, and varied, information elicited by the prospective parliamentary candidates – myself included. I eagerly await the event.”

Georgia thanked all of the candidates for attending and said the lack of a proper public debate in the town is what spurred her into action.

“This will be the first opportunity to vote for a lot of students in particular so it’s important we get a chance to hear from the candidates hoping to represent Wrexham, and for them to receive feedback ahead of the general election,” said the 21 year-old.

“There are lot of issues people want to discuss and we’ve already asked people via social media to put their opinions and questions to the seven parties. I’m sure it’s going to be a fascinating debate but also a fun evening where we get to see the candidates show their human side.”

Georgia added: “Glyndŵr University gives the invaluable opportunity to be able to tailor my final year to suit my interests – which for me is politics – it’s given me not just a degree but experience that will be useful when searching for jobs.

“Every candidate deserves to have an equal platform to present their vision for Wrexham, and the constituents deserve to have the opportunity to hear those ideas to allow them to make an informed decision on May 7.”

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For more information, visit the Facebook page or follow @wrexhamdebate on Twitter and use the hashtag #wrexdebate.


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