Funding for Fishguard Raised in Assembly Chamber

Fishguard Regeneration 1Funding for Fishguard’s regeneration was raised in the Assembly Chamber, by local Assembly Member Paul Davies. Mr Davies asked the Minister for Housing and Regeneration why funds for Fishguard were not forthcoming, following commitments from a previous Minister.

Paul Davies said:

“It was important to raise the issue of funding for Fishguard, given a pledge made by the Welsh Government some years ago. Fishguard is a significant ferry port that needs to be sufficiently supported if we are to get the best that we can from it and that means vital investment is needed. Funds have been promised by the Welsh Government – and it’s time that those funds were forthcoming. I have also written to the Regeneration Minister, with a copy of a letter confirming the Welsh Government’s intention to provide funding for Fishguard.”

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