Get ready for Odyssey and Hijinx Theatre’s Christmas shows

Gulliver (c) Hijinx Theatre

Gulliver (c) Hijinx Theatre

In a time of great fear and superstition, the vast forest of ‘Nottinhere’ abounds with tales of Robin, a master of disguise and trickster, and his band of Hoodies.

Feared by the bad and loved by the good these merry men rob the rich to give to the poor. Knights and maids, outlaws and serfs, robbery and fighting abound in Odyssey Theatre’s new production – not to mention lashings of ginger beer.

Written and directed by Gaynor Lougher, Robin Hood and his Famous Five can be seen at the Odyssey Theatre, Cardiff from 3-5 December at 7pm with a matinee performance at 2.30pm on 5 December. Tickets are £8, £4 (concessions).

Odyssey Theatre is the participatory performance group of Centre resident Hijinx Theatre Company, open to adults of all ages and abilities, including adults with learning disabilities, who share a desire to perform and who can give the commitment that this demands. With full professional back-up, Odyssey has developed a way of adapting or recreating well known stories or genres to give each production its own unique style.

You can also enjoy Hikinx’s production of  ‘Gulliver’ by Kit Lambert and directed by Louise Osborn from 11-12 December at 8pm.Here, in unique and delightful style, Hijinx brings to life the weird and wonderful world of Gulliver’s Travels, with its tiny Lilliputians, giants, mad scientists and even talking horses!

Inspired by Jonathan Swift’s fantastical satire, this biting new adaptation explores the relationship between the mysterious Dr Gulliver and his tormented creator Swift, as they travel through the writer’s unruly imagination and try not to lose their way. It is a journey that threatens to carry Swift away from the woman who loves him, as he finds himself hurtled towards either madness or redemption. Capturing the humour and darkness of a man struggling to survive in an absurd world, this classic story is as fresh and relevant as ever!

This show is adapted by Kit Lambert – An exciting new voice in Welsh Theatre and one of the writers from Incubator in 2007.


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