Government ‘preocupied’ with wind energy says AM

Montgomeryshire Assembly Member and Shadow Minister for the Environment, Russell George AM, said the Welsh Government’s renewable energy policy was in a ‘total mess’ because of its preoccupation with wind energy.

Mr George made the comment this week (29th November), during questions to the Environment Minister, John Griffiths AM when he challenged the Government to review TAN 8 policy guidance, in order to embrace new renewable technologies and move away from the Government’s over-reliance on wind energy.

Commenting Mr George said:

“Wales could potential be a significant player in the field of renewable energy, which could pave the way forward for a dynamic green economy.

“However, renewable energy companies have no confidence to invest in Wales because they perceive that Welsh Government policy lacks clarity and ambition.

“I would go further than that to say it’s in a complete mess.

“The only way we are going to ensure investor confidence and get anywhere close to meeting government targets for sustainable energy generation, is if we have a thorough review TAN 8.

“The Government must embrace new and improved renewable technologies that have emerged on the market in the last six years, particularly in areas like marine and tidal energy and move away from its preoccupation with wind energy.”


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