Gwynedd Business fund supports first applicant

The first business has received financial support through the “Llwyddo yng Ngwynedd” (Succeeding in Gwynedd) programme, using financial support to establish a new enterprise.

Christopher Williams of Llwyngwril approached the Enabling Fund: Rural Economy and Farming Families after he had started to consider diversifying his farm business.

“I had noticed that there was no firewood provision in the area, and after hearing about the financial and practical support offered through the Enabling Fund, I decided to start my own enterprise. It was a great opportunity to earn additional income for the farm,” said Chris Williams of the Coed Tân Dysynni Firewood.

After working with business consultants, Christopher presented a successful application to the fund. He received a financial contribution towards the purchase of necessary equipment to start the initiative, and he is now busy undertaking his first orders.

The Enabling Fund: Rural Economy and Farming Families is part of the “Llwyddo yng Ngwynedd” project which is part of the Rural Development Plan for Wales 2007-2013 coordinated by Gwynedd Council on behalf of the Gwynedd Economic Partnership.

Councillor Dewi Lewis, who leads on the Economy and Community for Gwynedd Council said:“In what is a period of economic uncertainty this project is extremely timely – it is important that we can be resourceful in order to develop and prosper. The innovative “Llwyddo yng Ngwynedd” project will provide the support businesses, farmers and community enterprises require so that they can respond to the challenges and realise the area’s economic potential.”

The fund aims to provide practical advice and as well as financial support for new initiatives which are led by new companies, companies that already exist or community initiatives. The provision is appropriate for activities within and outside of the agricultural sector.

“This is a great opportunity for farming families and rural businesses to diversify in order to ensure sustainability of their businesses, as well as supporting new initiatives in rural Gwynedd. The scheme comes to an end in February 2011, so we would advise anyone who wishes to take advantage of this opportunity to contact us,” added Zoe Pritchard, Llwyddo yng Ngwynedd Enabling Fund Coordinator.

If you want to see if the fund is suitable for you, please contact Zoe Pritchard to discuss your ideas on 01766 514057 or 07917 155959.

For more information about distribution and prices for Coed Tân Dysynni Firewood, contact Chris Williams on 01341 250174 / 07717 153005.

Photograph: Chris Williams from Llwyngwril who has used “Llwyddo yng Ngwynedd” to establish a new business, Coed Tan Dysynni Firewood

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