He doesn’t want to change the world. Oh, maybe he does.

YOU’VE probably seen Martin Davies’s work. Working as The Red Dragonhood his coolly ironic bilingual Welsh-centric designs are popular with patriotic musicians, artists, writers, and assorted movers and shakers among others.

Martin’s quite the renaissance man (without all the poisoning of rivals and sexually transmitted diseases) and used the recent Laugharne weekend to launch his ‘apolitical party’ Newid; Welsh for change.

It’s good timing, with MPs currently lurking somewhere between tabloid journalists and necrotising fasciitis in the popularity stakes his battle cry is: ‘Politics is dead. Here’s something better.’

You can see what’s going on (and get a head start on Red Dragonhood designs and offers) by following Martin on Facebook.

Jeremy Paxman said he’s, “Either a visonary or a Taff timewaster,” what do you reckon?


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