Old Colwyn Celebrate £1.1 Million Green Transformation

Tenants held a party to celebrate the £1.1 million transformation of their estate into a “brilliant” place to live.

PThe festivities at Parc Peulwys in Llysfaen, above Old Colwyn, were organised by housing association Cartrefi Conwy who masterminded the massive environment project.

The project included the creation of a dramatic new entrance to the estate, landscape improvements, traffic management, new footpaths, a nature trail and enhanced play areas.

The Green Spaces Improvement programme came on the heels of a £4 million housing improvement scheme to renovate more than 260 homes on the estate, with pioneering external wall insulation and other measures designed to slash energy bills by 40 per cent.

Residents, tenants and Cartrefi Conwy staff came together for a special day of fun community activities which ended with live music and a hog roast.

Contractors G Purchase Construction Ltd helped with the organisation and supported the event financially. A number of other organisations also provided support, including Colwyn Bay FC, Tesco, North Wales Police and North Wales Fire and Rescue Service.

One tenant, housewife, Amy Khoo, 22, who enjoyed the community day with her friends and family, summed up what the improvements to the Parc Peulwys estate meant for residents.

She said: “Brilliant, a real improvement. Now people are desperate to move here. The improvements to the properties is fantastic and what Cartrefi Conwy have done to make the estate look so much better is just brilliant.

“We all love the features such as the compass and the sun dial. It’s so much better for children too. There is a real community spirit and a nice atmosphere about the place.

“I think people now have pride in where they come from and we are really proud of Parc Peulwys.”

Amy’s friend, bar worker Teri Grimshaw, 18, agreed adding: “It’s so much nicer now we have green spaces and the houses look so smart. It’s now up to the community to look after everything.

“I’m certainly proud of where I live and made up to see everything looking so much better. Amy is spot on when she says people used to look down on the Peulwys, not any more!”

Cartrefi Conwy Director of Operations Gwynne Jones chatted to Amy and Teri and says he is delighted the final piece in the Parc Peulwys jigsaw is now in place.

He said: “I’m so pleased to be here at the end of what has been a busy three years of hard work. It’s incredible, looking at the transformation of the housing estate, that three years ago we were just starting after going through a period of consultation.

“Today really is the final piece in the jigsaw and we have put the Parc into Peulwys. I believe what has been achieved is simply incredible and I have to thank residents and tenants for their patience.

“I think we can see from the turn-out to this community day just what tenants think of what we have achieved together. I could not be more delighted.”

He added: “The vision to include in the environmental works the three main features, the sun dial, compass and the entrance stone were inspired and really adds something to the estate.

“Add to that the new woodland we have planted, the improvements to existing pathways and the addition of new ones and the improved traffic management and I think we have gone a long way towards our mission of creating a community to be proud of.”

According to Environmental Development Officer Matt Stowe, Cartrefi Conwy and Parc Peulwys tenants have reached a milestone together.

He said; “I’m just so incredibly proud of what we have achieved. Three years ago plans for the compass feature, which today is being enjoyed by children and adults alike, were just sketches on a piece of paper. It was just a concept.

“But to see it built, planted with shrubs and flowers and people sitting on it, enjoying it and using it is just fantastic. People are now proud of this estate. It’s a unique and special community and people want to move and live here.”

He added: “In a way, although we have completed the works and the contractors have left, it isn’t over yet. I really look forward to seeing everything that has been planted mature and develop over the next few years.

“And it is going to take perhaps 20 years before the woodland we planted with the help of Tan y Marian pupils matures. That is something to look forward to and is a legacy everyone will enjoy.”

Rhian Jones, the head teacher of Ysgol Tan y Marian, attended the community event and says the housing and environmental improvements have transformed the estate.

She said: “It’s amazing and all the work that has been done has made a real difference to the lives of tenants and their children.

“For me it’s all about bringing the community together and I know people are taking a real pride in the estate, something we perhaps haven’t seen before.”

Tenant Tracey Rosean, a member of the estate’s Go Green group, has lived there for 17 years.

She said: “I really like the stone which now stands at the smart new entrance to the estate. I think it looks fantastic and really welcoming. It gives us a sense of pride in where we live.

Steve Walker, G Purchase Construction project manager who carried out the work on behalf of Cartrefi Conwy, says something special has been delivered.

He said: “I have to thank residents and tenants for their patience and co-operation.

“I’m delighted with the whole environmental improvement project and am thrilled to have worked, once again, alongside Cartrefi Conwy to make such a big difference to the lives of so many people.”

Equally thrilled was Cartrefi Conwy Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Bowden.

He said: “The works that have been carried out is really the crowning glory. The inspired ideas coupled with the enthusiasm of tenants has transformed the Peulwys estate into Parc Peulwys, and there is a world of difference between the two.

“Our vision has become a reality and we really have built a community to be proud of here at Parc Peulwys.”

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