Penarth residents design roundabout

A replacement roundabout in the centre of Penarth, has been ‘designed’ by the town’s residents, in a unique consultation exercise.

Essential sewer upgrade work by Welsh Water required the closure of the town’s busy central shopping hub for around 6 weeks this winter, and part of the project demanded that the roundabout be ripped up, whilst new pipes were laid at some depth under the roundabout’s strategic location.

Councilors on the local Town Council introduced a consultation exercise with the public, to decide which one of several designs would best replace the existing structure, when it was rebuilt in the same location; a clear winner emerged as to the preferred choice.

Local Councilor Anthony Ernest, a former mayor of the town, with responsibility for tourism, said:

“This must be the first time that anything as unexciting as a roundabout has hit the headlines, and attracted scores of positive comments, and when the project is completed at least we know that something meets with local approval! The roundabout acts as a major landmark for visitors to our delightful town, and we could not possibly let the opportunity of a public vote go by without getting the views of residents and visitors about the scheme.

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