‘People are Justifiably Angry Over Passport Problems’ Warns MP

424px-Ian_LucasThe Government need to get a grip on passport delay problems, Wrexham MP Ian Lucas has warned.

After Ed Miliband called on the Prime Minister to explain the situation at Prime Minister’s Questions – where it emerged 300,000 extra people are waiting for their passport – Mr Lucas warned the situation was making people “justifiably angry.”

He said: “My office has seen a steady increase in the number of people complaining about passport problems over the past few weeks. The number of people having problems has soared and new cases are still coming in. I know that other MPs are having similar problems reported to them and that their staff, like mine, will be doing all they can to help.

“However, people are getting justifiably angry about the situation.

“In the run-up to school holidays, passports are piling up at offices around the country, but rather than get a grip of the situation, Ministers have spent the past few weeks squabbling among themselves.

“The system appears to have no capacity to deal with unexpected surges in demand, and people will wonder why there were no contingency plans in place.

“The Government needs to get a grip.”

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