Swansea West Conservatives Select Assembly Candidate


Swansea West Conservatives have selected their candidate for next year’s Welsh National Assembly elections.

Craig Lawton was selected by members of Swansea West Conservative Association on Tuesday 25 August to fight next May’s election.

Mr Lawton said: “I am extremely proud to have been selected to represent the Welsh Conservatives at next year’s Assembly elections.

“I have been working to hold Swansea’s Labour Council to account over the years and I will continue to do so during this campaign.”

Mr Lawton, who works in politics and previously worked as a lawyer in Swansea, went on to say “The next few years are an important time for Swansea.

“With the city centre facing yet another redevelopment, it is so important that the Council get this one right. That is why I have been meeting with local businesses and residents to see what they want from their city centre.

“It is clear that the system we have in place at the moment is not working for those who work or shop in Swansea, while small business owners are really suffering.”

He added “That is why I want to see the Council really listen to what people want this time instead of ignoring them.

“People have been taken for granted for far too long by this Council. We have seen record increases in our Council Tax year upon year while our services, such as bin collections and street lighting, are continuing to slip.

“This is in spite of the Conservative UK Government passing money to the Welsh Labour Government to freeze residents’ Council Tax each year. However, hardworking families have not felt the benefit of that money while we still do not know where it has gone instead”

Craig first came to Swansea to study Law at Swansea University in 2006 and, since graduating, has worked for a number of Swansea-based law firms. He is also a qualified Football Association of Wales Referee and regularly officiates matches in the area.

Craig has worked on a number of local campaigns in recent years, including the fight to save the recreation ground in Uplands from housing developments, as well as successfully working with local councillors and AMs to have a new bus route added to help residents get to the city centre.


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