Wales/Cymru Crimestoppers – How you can help

Wales/Cymru Crimestoppers rely on a network of unpaid helpers in their work and are constantly looking for volunteer Board members. Each and every one is a vital link with the community, without volunteers Crimestoppers simply wouldn’t survice.

Volunteer Board members are involved at every level in promoting Wales/Cymru Crimestoppers, fund-raising and other duties. Volunteer roles are worthy but never dull. In fact, it’s sociable, stimulating and rewarding with real potential for self-development. Crime is an issue that personally affects many of us and our communities.

If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer for Wales/Cymru Crimestoppers, please fill out their Volunteer Enquiry Form.

In your community
As well as calling the anonymous phone number with information about crime, everyone can help Crimestoppers by publicising the scheme.

You can help Wales/Cymru Crimestoppers by:

  • Displaying Wales/Cymru Crimestoppers posters in public places
  • Inviting our Board members to speak at meetings of local groups
  • Putting up display stands at open days or similar events
  • Raising funds for specific campaigns that affect your local area with Wales/Cymru Crimestoppers
  • Printing articles about Crimestoppers in your local or community newspapers/newsletters
  • Distributing publicity material
  • Giving corporate gifts in kind like venues and advertising space to Wales/Cymru Crimestoppers

These are just a few ideas that will help spread the message about Crimestoppers in Wales.


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