Welsh Government Delivering on Pledges to Improve Community Safety, says AM

Ann Jones AMThe Welsh Government is delivering on its commitments to the people of Wales to make communities across Wales safer, according to Labour’s Vale of Clwyd AM – Ann Jones.

Ms Jones said: “With 500 PCSOs now working with communities on the frontline, more no cold calling zones and continued work to reduce the impact and frequency of fire – the Welsh Labour Government is truly delivering on its promises to the people of Wales.

“I am very pleased to see that we are leading the way on protecting our communities in spite of the difficult financial settlement forced upon us from Westminster. I am thrilled that we will continue to fight against domestic abuse, and the introduction of the Ending Violence against Women and Domestic Abuse Bill will put in place a cogent framework to help local authorities and other agencies protect and support the victims of abuse.

“The Welsh Government is standing up for the people of Wales in tough times and is determined to make our communities safer and more sustainable”.

The she said the Welsh Labour Government has:

  • Put an extra 500 Community Support Officers on the beat.
  • Provided funding to increase the number of homes covered by No Cold Calling Zones by 10,000.
  • Led the way in tackling domestic abuse and sexual violence through plans to introduce legislation and working with key public service organisations to ensure information is shared to protect vulnerable people.
  • Become the first country in the UK to appoint an Anti-Slavery Coordinator to share good practice, information and intelligence, and deliver local initiatives.
  • Continued dedicated Community Fire Safety funding which has contributed to a significant reduction in the number of both accidental and deliberate fires in Wales over the last decade.



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