Welsh Txt Talk

FOLLOWING our recent story about mobile phones now having the option of spell-checking in Welsh, our friends at Right Mobile Phone the leading mobile phone comparison site have come up with this handy English-Welsh Text Speak Guide.

1. LoL (Laugh Out Loud) = CYU (Chwerthin yn uchel)
2. BrB (Be Right Back) = YOYYM (Yn ôl yn y man)
3. M8 (Mate) = ‘mêt’
4. WTF (What The f**K) = BD (Be ddiawl)
5. OMG (Oh My God) = OFN (O fy nuw)
6. LMAO (Laugh My Ass Off) = CFHYN (Chwerthin fy hun yn wirion)
7. TVM (Thanks Very Much) = DYFI (Diolch yn fawr iawn)
8. TMI (Too Much Information) = GOW (Diolch yn fawr iawn)
9. BFF (Best Friends For Ever) = FGAB (Ffrindiau gorau am byth)
10. BYOB (Bring Your Own Beer) = TACDH (Tyrd â chwrw dy hun)

To compare mobile phone prices and features visit their site at http://www.rightmobilephone.co.uk/

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