WWII in Lisvane

During the Second World War, I was living in Cilfynydd with my grandparents. My parents were cook and butler in a very large house in Lisvane.

Their employers entertained in a big way and Mum and Dad had to work many weekends , so I did not see them on a regular basis. I know they had a gardner and his name was Lapham not sure of the spelling. Also I am not sure if that was his christian name or surname?. I seem to remember my parents saying that the surname of the employers was BELL? They also had a daughter  named LILLA, she had learning difficulties and they employed a nurse for her.

As I am tracing family history I wondered if you can throw any light on this for me. My parents names were Ceridwen and Stanley Phillis, and they often spoke of their time in Lisvane.

Marian Fox


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