Council makes steps on housing plan

Progress has been made on establishing a Flintshire Housing Partnership.

With the increasing need to create more affordable and sustainable homes, there is a greater emphasis on the need for the County Council and partner organisations to work together effectively and efficiently.

The Partnership will create a forum for consultation on a wide range of strategic housing issues including housing renewal and regeneration. It will also offer an opportunity for dialogue with key representatives of the housing sector
in Flintshire. It will support the vision of housing in the county as set out in the Council’s current Local Housing Strategy.

The Council’s Executive considered the membership of Flintshire’s Housing Partnership at its meeting on Tuesday, 5
January. Suggestions included representatives from the Council, Registered Social Landlords, house builders and
Estate Agents in Flintshire.

Councillor Tony Sharps, Deputy Leader, said: “This Housing Partnership is a very important new policy and every effort will be made,  not only to secure housing within the rented sector but also to help first time buyers where
houses offered for sale should be at a very cheap price.”