Asghar: Koran burning a dangerous affront to religious tolerance

Shadow Minister for Equality in the National Assembly, Mohammad Asghar AM, has condemned plans by a US church to burn copies of the Koran to mark the anniversary of September 11th.

Peshawar-born Mr Asghar said, “This move is a gross insult not only to Muslims but also to decent-minded and tolerant people around the world.

“I fear that the irresponsible and narrow-minded actions of this pastor and his small band of followers could have severe consequences for relations between Muslim communities and non-Muslims in the UK and other countries.

“Rich diversity in culture should be welcomed and celebrated.  This threat reinforces the false belief that extremist militants are somehow linked to the mainstream Muslim faith, which Muslims find extremely offensive and distressing.

“I would like to urge all fair and tolerant people in Wales, irrespective of faith, to join me in condemning this dangerous affront to respect and tolerance.”


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