Max Boyce’s Face Found in Lump of Coal

Terminally bewildered old biddy and minder of everyone else’s business Mrs Edna Dishcloth (deceased) from Merthyr Tydfil was surprised to see Max Boyce’s face staring back at her when she pick up a lump of Polish coal she had purchased during the miners strike back in the 1980’s. She told us:

“I don’t normally use coal as I overwinter in Florida thanks to my pension and winter fuel allowance but I was getting a little cold and had run out of pizza flyers and copies of the Watchtower to put on the fire.

“It was a little chilly so I went ‘out back’ and found this lump of coal. I was just about to put it on the fire when I saw the face of the straight-acting, unfunny, forgotten Welsh light entertainer looking back at me.

“I can tell you, it gave me quite a turn. I offered it to the Natural History Museum at St Fagans but they just told me to put it on the fire”.

Mrs Dishcloth continued:

“I got my great-grandson Mop to come round and take a photograph on his new-fangled digital iCam thingy and he sent it off to Derek Brockway and we have been watching him on the weather every night this week but he’s not mentioned it yet.

“We’ll give it another week and see if the National Museum of Coal and Useless Welsh Artefacts will make us an offer for it, otherwise it will be going on the next time it gets cold”.

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